12 Point Checks

Quick and pain-free dental check-ups

From fillings and oral examinations to cleaning, we provide a comprehensive range of services at Rawdon Lights Dental Care, Leeds.

Take care of your dental health

Whether you need professional cleaning or a smile-correcting procedure, come to us for help. We will strive to ensure your needs are met, and your teeth look beautiful. We follow a comprehensive procedure to ensure your teeth are examined completely.
dental health check-up

The 12 points we check:

  • TLC's - Tongue, lips, cheeks. Skin both inside and outside of your mouth for general health, abnormalities and cancer screening.
  • The health of your gums
  • Plaque and deposits on your teeth, food packing areas and difficult to clean areas
  • Any cause of bad breath
  • The presence and health of any restorations in your teeth
  • Under and around and between your teeth
  • Levels and health of bone in your mouth
  • X-rays as required to check the integrity of your teeth and restorations, and for the presence of any infections or abnormalities
  • Checking your jaw muscles for strains and tenderness
  • The health of your jaw joint
  • The health and position of your teeth and the direction of growth
  • The function of your teeth and how you bite together
  • Helping you have healthier teeth
We can give you advice to assist you in any areas of your mouth which you are finding difficult to keep clean. We aim to provide you with the skills, methods, techniques and tools to remove plaque yourself every day at home. You can also turn to us for cosmetic procedures as well as treatments for sleep apnoea, headaches and grinding.
12-point check
dentist looking at the food
To maintain optimal dental health with regular dental check-ups, call Rawdon Lights Dental Care, Leeds.

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