Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety reduction

At Rawdon Lights dental care, we strive to make you as comfortable as possible. To ensure this we use various methods. Whether it is sedation or anaesthesia, we will explain the procedure to you thoroughly before we administer it.

Any questions that you have will be dealt with promptly and we are always happy to clarify things that you are unsure or nervous about. You can also call us if you are unsure about any procedure and want to learn more.
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Innovative techniques that will help you relax

We take every effort to ensure that local anaesthetic injections are as painless as possible. Whilst this is not always possible, there is no reason why most anaesthetics given should not be completely painless.

Gas and air sedation is available, as well as intravenous sedation for patients who are still nervous. Talk to us and let us know how you feel, and we can discuss these options.


The Quicksleeper technique allows us to perform painless anaesthesia with no lag time and no numbness.

The pen-like hand piece can target precise areas, so you won't have to sip soup through a straw because your whole mouth is numb after treatment because your whole mouth will not be numbed at all, only the target area.

For more information on how Quicksleeper works, call us up for a chat! You can also call us if you want to enquire about our anxiety reduction procedures. We offer cosmetic dentistry treatments as well as solutions for snoring, sleep apnoea and grinding.
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Get your dental treatments at our state-of-the-art dental clinic or in the comfort of your home! For more details, call Rawdon Lights Dental Care, Leeds.

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